Release of the official MUSIC VIDEO of « Skittle Girl ».

Written and Filmed by Adrien Audo


El Tat

Ayumi Roux

Gabriel Caballero


Release of the first « Le Salon Doux Mantra » at Doux Mantra Records

Check our new music label @DouxMantraRecords

Starring loads of incredibly talented musicians including El Tat!

Here is our live performance <3 

Release of the new EP Dans Le Noir de L’iris

Watch it now

Dans Le noir de l’Iris NEW EP OUT NOW!!

Release of the new EP of El Tat!!!

Blade of My Feather! 

Starring loads of incredibly talented musicians but mostly the sharpened feather of El Tat, the heavy drums of Louis Sommermeyer, the sharpened ears of Eric Duchateau the engineer from the Mystery Train Studio and the talents of the producers and composers Robin Tortonese and Florent Papagalli. 

Release of the new music video of El Tat

Freezing has its music video!

Watch it now:

Starring Pauline Gontard as the mysterious devilish woman, El Tat as the lost boy hanging around with a wooden box and the yellow badass car of Ivan Tsiboulsky. 

Release of the first EP of El Tat

The Madman and the Hangman has just been released

Listen to it now: The Madman and The Hangman

Starring the talented producer Pierric Rolland and El Tat!

Listen without moderation!