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Ce projet a été réalisé avec l’aide de :

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@Doux Mantra Records [Music Label / Production & Promotion]

@PIC [Production / Songwriting] (Pierric Rolland)

@ Mystery Train Studio [Recording & Mixing] (Eric Duchateau)

@ Zoé Peyrieux [Music Videos / Photos / Madness]

@Sign-Web.Net [Multimedia Services / Design / Website designing] (Patrick Galdeano)

@Aria Rolland [Illustrations]

@Corrosive Records (Franck Mounier)

@Florent Papagalli [A.K.A Maliao / Dismembrance]

@Emma Galdeano [A.K.A Cheetah Flower]

@Lucio Syuzie [Production & Mastering] (Robin Lucetti Tortonese)

@Louis Sommermeyer [Drums & Recordings]

@Laurent Minel [Drums & Songwriting]


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非常謝謝你們 :

My sister Emma, my parents Patrick & Monjia, my brothers and friends :Basile Sommermeyer, Nicolas Brias, Armand Humbert, Florent Papagalli, Robin Lucetti, Louis Sommermeyer, Adèle Guerry, Aria Rolland, MarieLou, Maya, Luisa, and to my former teachers Louis Chrétiannot, Thomas Picot, Pierric Rolland, Patrick Delabi, Patrick Galdeano, and finally the bands who’ve helped me become the musician that I am: Cabanon [Band], The Crimers[Band], Colour out of Space[Band], The Smoking Pistols [Band], Pervitin [Band], Single Track [Band] and my music labels: Doux Mantra Records, Corrisive Records,